The Resource Of Self

The light in my heart is what gives me purpose, as it echoes through the endless space of all that is wild.

This afternoon as I was running up a rocky hill through the desert to escape the obscurities of my mind’s absurdities, I felt something rousing inside me as my pulse pounded with relentless perseverance.  The sun sat situated at its most potent point in the afternoon sky.  

My back, my chest, my shoulders, all burning, scorched from said sun.  The tingling upon my skin soaked through into the deepest depths of me.  It set my soul ablaze, and the bliss from it all left me shivering. 


It was an energy from the purest resource of self.  It was when I started to fully believe in myself that I knew.  I knew that I could do whatever I put my mind to.  

Even with something unknown pulling the strings to motivate me.  I can only put my focus on the finish line.  Though, I feel something opening up inside of me, prying at the gateway of my mind.    

I take a breather while gulping water down by the half gallon, the sweat from my pores cools the blistering sensation. I resign from trying so hard to wrap my head around the paradoxical mind-altering thoughts that arise on these day’s when I was seemingly alone.  

I decide that rather than wander around in problem solving mode all day, overthinking every little scenario in what way I should fix about myself and my life, I should rather just pause for a few moments and bask in the light of what’s not broken.  That being my soul.

Something lit up within me as my heartbeat found a bit of resolve in its consistent rhythm.  The pain from my burnt skin subsides.  I feel as though I have been rewired with a celestial version of my true self.  I feel a sense of inner peace, an internal balance and most of all, a blissful love for myself.   


Once these feelings start to take over, it is easier to become more in tune with the better version of yourself.   It becomes easier to take on the empowering posture of making those enhanced life choices that make such a difference in our lives, all the while following through with the actions that support what matters most, that being universal love.

My heart as it pounds pure, twists my thoughts into a place of positivity where they belong.  The negativity that surrounded me just moments ago vanishes like the fart I just let go into the wind.


The light in my heart is what gives me purpose, as it echoes through the endless space of all that is wild.  The wilderness sitting upon the backdrop of this desert, the stars hiding above, a river’s offshoot that trickles into a conscious stream—all of these things I feel as is I am one with.          

See, we are all extensions of a mystical and resourceful energy.  I believe this because we are all able to reflect this source within ourselves, therefore, we are all part of this energy, or shall I say, God’s energy. 

This energy it translates itself within the mind as revolutionary ideas, unseen synchronicities, and an unsurpassable intuition.  These intuitive feelings exert their influence upon our optimism for the betterment of ourselves and for humanity. With things such as love, unity, and oneness.  The awareness of this intuition occurs rapidly when the mind is open and receptive to receive.  


When the mind is open and present in the now—it finds itself at peace—instead of being preoccupied with the negativity of all the ego-related opinions of our past and/or future circumstances.  The mind thrives with reception of positive energy.  It evolves with the mystical experience of life.  At its core, this energy is the purest resource of our true self.  It’s God’s love. It’s where we are happiest.  It’s a perpetual state of bliss.  

But if we find ourselves creating scenarios for anything other than moment in which we are in, the mind will work its way back towards the void of negativity.  When your mental focus falls into this sort of trap, these negative thoughts, they will destroy you.  But the more you create these negative thoughts, the more negative emotions come bubbling up to the surface, and flows through all that you do.

This will carry you so far away from aligning with your truest self.  All the while slowing down the process of creating consistent awareness and happiness.  So one must be wise to try and remain in a balanced posture of all that is positive—think of a cross, if you would—no matter the negative externalities that try their hands at unbalancing your true alignment.


When you allow this energy to flow through you with the conductive element called positivity, you will become love and light yourself.  The power of positive energy alone creates harmony within your soul.  As harmony within, is vital to allowing us to see through all the external trivialities, as the essence of the soul’s vitality becomes immeasurable and its light will not be stolen by anyone. 

When running in stride with self-love and harmony side by side, it’s impossible to not feel the positive energy flow through you. And those that see you won’t be able to help but wonder what sort of magic it is that you have hiding within you.  It only seems like this to the wandering eye because it is experienced by so few.  But in reality it isn’t magic at all.  But it is available cost-free to every last individual being. 

This positive energy encompasses us all, as well as it’s within us all.  Because at its source it is universal love, it is light, it is the Creator of you, directing His energy upon you and your soul.  All you must do is properly align yourself within the light of all that is positive in your life.  

However you have to do that is up to you, as everyone’s version of happiness is different.  But be careful not to misalign yourself in the process, as it is misalignment that often leaves the heart and soul broken in half and the mind hell bent on destroying everything in the wake of its path.


What the soul is, in my opinion, is but a stick—a fragile twig—broken in half by the separate entities within ourselves that pull us apart from both the inside out, and the outside in throughout our lives.

It is not easily recognized to the naked eye.  Yet when the fragments of our soul merges back into one sentient being by becoming aware of our own dual nature.  It is then that we must make sure that our soul, or twig is tied tight with the ribbon of love and light, so that the two separate entities within ourselves become wrapped in the beauty of One. 

The core value to be learned from this post; is that when the dual nature of our self becomes intertwined with what it truly is, the attraction of opposites, or duality fused back together as One.  Consider it the yin to the yang if you will.  

But in being aware of our dual nature is one of the most vital attributes to the essence of our true being.  It is this awareness that allows us to truly love ourselves by giving in to the glowing light within. 


See, we are all wildly drawn to the light of those whose knots are tied strong with the awareness of their own duality and the love they radiate.  The soul—or twig if you like—that has tied itself together with its own accord will eventually form these bundles, tied together with the ribbons of love from another whole soul, and they will create an expounding energy exploding with universal love.

But before we can do this, we must learn to reflect the light within our own hearts from the resource of our truest self, from the love burning within.  This is the only way to deflect the discernment of the negativity and darkness in our minds that too often spins us around, sending in the wrong direction. 

I pick up my pace, the sunlight shining through me now.  I feel something grabbing at my feet.   Maybe it’s the darkness.  Who knows?  So I run faster, my knees almost pounding into my chest, and then the darkness is gone. 

I see a mound, a grave of sorts, built with the sole purpose of burying the past.   Above it is a cross with a simple inscription that says “that which revolves must evolve.”

And I think perhaps, when one finds themselves stuck in a revolving loop, maybe one should just try going straight instead.

Until the next time.

—Ryan Love

Origins Of Love

I’m not interested in just being a lover, I’m interested in just being love.

To truly understand the origin of love and compassion means to understand the interdependence of all living beings. It means to understand that we are all part of one another.

On one hand, to know the origin of something gives one a better understanding of it.  On the other hand, ignorance to the origin of anything will give way to its inevitable abuse, and love is far from the exception. 

To know love and its origins, we must look to the book of beginnings—where it all began.  To know, that love came from eternity and will eventually make its way back to eternity. Love is a spirit and it dwells in eternity.  Before time, love was, and after time, it will still be.  Love is the same, yesterday, today, and forever too.  

It is apparent that love came into being by divine intervention.  Love fell upon our reality to fulfill a purpose.  So of course, it was left no choice but to manifest itself at that sweet blind spot of creation when it came onto the scene amidst the cosmic chaos. 


You see everything, even all of us, on this earthly realm are here for a purpose.  If we did not have a purpose, we would not have been manifested in the eyes of divine timing.  It’s the same reason that we are not simply here just to be a living being, but are here for a more clear-cut and unique purpose. That purpose is to create love.

That is why we are here now, as a manifestation of love. Love was created for us and we were created to love. We were created from One’s certain image, and I am damn near positive that image was layered with shards of love.

The wisdom of love is within us all and it is infinite. But love has its seasons of which we must also be aware, and which is why it comes with its unique nature, outlook, demand, and gratuitous levels of graveness.

The difficult adjustments of life and love to these said seasons and their deaths are what better allow us to see love’s unconditional worth. This worth of course, makes it easier to undertake a creative activity that help love’s creation fulfill its purpose.

The misunderstanding of love and its seasons will ultimately result in its abuse. The abuse of something, such as love, impairs its purpose, and for this reason, the importance of divine intervention can never be stressed enough in every little situation.


Because timing, and time itself, help to repair the purpose of healing ourselves and the landscape in which we are surrounded in the holistic sense.

Appreciating the importance of the little things that love and its celestial timing bring to the table, could be the most crucial aspect that distinguish our purpose on this earth. The nature of love operates with a remarkable sense of timing, which reveals the mystery of love’s essence.

And this essence of love is in fact, God. The sun knows when to rise and when to set, just as the birds and the bees know when to be wherever, whenever they need to be. For they see that love is not about the destination, as much as it is about its endless journey. A journey long, winding, and to be honest, often confusing as hell.

But we as human beings are essentially one with everything. And this we see in all the lovely little intricate and infinite signs that life shares with us every single day. In the nature of everything we find the essence of ourselves, every fawn, every blossom; every bird and wilting flower. These are all metaphors meant to address the nature of our soul.


These metaphors with their symbolic demeanor try to reach us by teaching us a fundamental truth of life.  That we are part of an external exchange, that we are infinite transformations of pure beauty.  They teach us that love and growth are all a part of the journey on the road to what we are meant to be.

They also tell us is that there is a season for everything.  And that seasons change and blend together. But there is a path, unaffected by these seasons that lead our mentality in every which way but loose, yet sometimes haphazardly in the direction of that what is within you, that being love.

There are times to be, and times not to be. It is how we see the world around us which teaches us that the only way to make things better, is to see things within yourself better. Then you will start to see everything else as, better. Maybe you’ll fall in love with yourself all over again. And once you look at yourself from the standpoint of your soul, you’ll become addicted to bettering you, and you’ll start to see that love is all around you.

Though love, like life, is a daunting path through the seasons of the soul, its summer, autumn, winter, and spring, or as in the desert, arid and hot, then damp and cold. But to come to understand these seasons enables us to prepare ourselves for the gardening of surprise conditions, while love grazes in the barren pastures of our hearts, with only the intent to feed the soul.


Understanding that the timing of love is infinite is the springboard for finding our true purpose.

In the gardens of Psalm it says that we are all created for a purpose and we’re given an exact time to fulfill that purpose. When this time is not used for its manifested purpose, it is wasted and lost forever. What makes the issue at hand so critical is that at the end of our lives, we will all have to stand before the pearly gates and give an account of our time on earth.

But what if….?

All we can account for is what we’ve given. Because we only take with us what we give and all we can give is the sacrifice of ourselves.

Yes, we are all stewards of love, and love, much like time, does not belong to anyone, as we belong to it. As it with life, time begins when we are born and ends when we die. And though we may pass and time no longer exists, love keeps giving itself away.

But to waste time in the sense of idleness is suicidal to the creative spirit of love. Love is something that sets time and the spirit ablaze, burning it all away, as to shed a little creative light on the darkest corners of the mind.


We are all given twenty four hours in a day, with seven days, making up a week. What distinguishes love from the other things is the premium one places on their purpose and how tall they rise amongst the confusing illusion that it takes to see that the journey is never-ending.

It’s about loving life every step on the way, it’s about finding and creating inspiration in the things that feed your soul. Its about getting back to you, and finding the love that grows within you, by spreading it far and wide.

And It Spread.

In the end, our purpose and our being constitutes the very essence of love, and the only way for this purpose to truly be is to be proud of who you are, as you are love in the infinite sense of all that is considered as pure and unconditional.

The origins of love implies that you are dividing yourself between the lover and the beloved. But if you find that place inside of you that is love, you will no longer just love yourself, you will just be love.

You just have to remember who you are, and where you came from, which is what the confusing journey through the creative wild has always been about.