Scenic Route

There’s a lot of optimism in changing scenery, in seeing what’s down the road.

Follow me this way

where just around the corner

waits a brand new day.

It’s love that litters a road

so gold that it forever glitters

upon the most humbled of abodes.


It is but a place

as infinite as space

where conversation lasts

in the silence along His path.

And time it rests with essence

while innocence glows fluorescent.


We then come to find it filled

with wholesome laughs

that burst with joy—

from the faith that spilled

upon our feet

and what awaits is but a story

written forever sweet.


Yet upon the map of midnight

it must be seen that hope

—will always shine

forever in our sight

and beneath these stars

we are filled with a vibrance

built by His creative balance.


And all He asks

is to love all so very true.

This is but the final task

to taste the fruits

grown from a tree—a tree called life

where it grows at the end

of this long and scenic route.

BeLove © 2018











A Wisdom Whole

Whosoever is delighted in solitude is either a wild beast or a god.


Devoid of thought—I sit with ease in this creative room.  The fountain of my mind moves with the tranquility of a winter’s brook.  From the silence comes a light, followed by a prosperous thunder that shook the fountain loose, and a stream, it flowed through an open door.  Low and behold, behind that door sat a man with the silhouette of a wolf at his side.  He observed with content and about him was a homeliness that alleviated my senses, and the words that follow are the words I spoke.

The differences of conflicting forces in this world that surround us arise with an immediacy that is evident to the senses, and not just as an ample illusion.  But as men, we become too intent on analyzing these variations—divvying them up between good and evil, and that which is essential and detrimental.  It is true that the more we analyze these variations, the deeper they become immersed in illusion.

Man will then lose sight of the deep, underlying connection of these opposites within him because he becomes obsessed with the posturing of his separateness.   It is in reality that the distinction to be made is not between this unseen force, which is good and true, as against that force which is evil and false.

Rather it is the perception of our underlying wholeness that holds the key to the locked door that leads to the truth and the goodness of You, while attachment to the superficial separation of us leads to inaccurate and ethical errors.  So let us use this key and open that door.

“to God all things that are good are just and right, but men hold some things wrong and some right.”


And in the mystic of You underneath this splendid dusk, let us speak.

You see all things as good and right, not in their separateness by which they are so falsely contrast to all else, but in their inner harmony with these so-called opposites. In the end it is man that separates all that You have “united.”

This instinct that You have placed within me, it has allowed me to see through the smoke of materialistic multiplicity, which billows from the “Fire” of unity.  This “Fire” burns from the fuel of You burning within me.

This “Fire” has blazed its way through the landscape of the old me, clearing the way for the undergrowth of a new spiritual and dynamic principle within me within You.  Is this not the hidden meaning in my dream?  The foggy smoke always wrapping around my head, leaving me lost and afraid, while the wolf—he trails close behind?

The “Fire” of You, it is the comforting warmth I have always sought.  Yet, when I came so close I ran from it because all I could smell and see was smoke and all I could sense was my fear of the hungered beast, which in turn made You and the dream seem so illusory.  And I must apologize for that.  I now see it as true that instead of running from the fear within me, I had to turn inward to face the reality of the darkness within me, to find You.

I had to come to grips with all of the clumsy slip-ups I have made in this life, with my lack of self-control—I became to compartmentalized to communicate within my own self clearly.  Yet, I have learned that I shall run in the direction of my inward ways moving forward with full control.

The “Fire” I now see it everywhere I look, and within everything I see.  It burns with divine energy, a powerful manifestation of You within me.  And now I see the power of You move through all things.  Good, bad, happy, or mad, there You are, to remind me that I am on the right path, after all I am still breathing.

This “Fire” it burns different within all souls, with its different aromatics of love and faith, like varietal perfumes that blend with the beauty of You.  This is how You move through the infinite variety of beings, as they manifest You however You choose within them.  These words that follow from Your scripted garden are the words that You have chosen to move through me beneath this beautiful twilight.

When he balanced the foundations of the earth;  I was with him forming all things and was delighted every day, playing before him at all times;  Playing in the world and my delights were to be with the children of men.

Proverbs 8 : 29-31

You are not just the “Fire” or the combination of any of the other elements for that matter.  You are the energy that works through the world by showing itself, much like a child’s endless energy. Then you seek to hide in the “nature” of all things with Your wisdom.  This wisdom isn’t so much “at work” in nature, but is rather “in play” throughout the wilderness of us all.

“Time is a child playing draughts. The power of a King is a child’s”


This reference to a child playing the game of draughts is a metaphor for the flow of Your wisdom through us.  The understanding that Your cosmic wisdom is always in a constant state of becoming and change—like a child playing in this world—and this cosmic interplay of elements in its state of constant dynamic flux is the true expression of Divine Law. The hidden harmony with its unity—is what keeps everything in balance in the midst of conflict and movement.

True wisdom must grasp upon the very movement itself, and infiltrate the thought within this dynamic harmony of Your Love moving through us.  If wisdom is one thing—it is to know the thought by which all things are steered through all things through the love of You.  It is in these beautiful and lost scripted words of Yours below that these fragmentary thoughts of mine shall complete today’s puzzle.  Let us introduce you to the Book of Wisdom.

And all such things as are hid and not foreseen, I have learned:  for wisdom, which is the worker of all things, has taught me.

For in her is the spirit of understanding: holy, one, manifold, subtle, eloquent, active, undefiled, sure, sweet, loving that which is good, quick, which nothing hinders, beneficent.

Gentle, kind, steadfast, assured, secure, having all power, overseeing all things, and containing all spirits, intelligible, pure, and again subtle.

For wisdom is more active than all active things: and reaches everywhere by reason of her purity.

For she is a vapor of the power of God, and a certain pure emanation of the glory of the almighty God: and therefore no defiled thing cometh into her.

For she is the brightness of eternal light, and the unspotted mirror of God’s majesty, and the image of His goodness.

Wisdom 7 : 21-26

It is through these words that I feel the Presence of You moving through me like never before.  Wisdom—it is a metaphor that looms of woman, the nurturer of all knowledge, the Mother of all men, and the purity of all that is divine.  It is from the time Your seed is planted within the womb, and through childhood, through adolescence and now adulthood, the answer has always rested within the motherly Love that reigns in all women.

Your Presence, I feel it stronger than ever in this precise moment, as sure as these hands are shaking with vibration, they manage to merge with the redemption and divinity of Your wisdom.  I feel an attunement within me never felt before, and it feels whole.

At my side the wolf, he paces with patience, held by a leash tied to Heaven above—his whispered howl echoes through my entirety.  The moon it glows full, raindrops fall upon my soul, showing a path laden with spiritual goodness.  One that I have long aimed to ramble about.  This wilderness is about to get wild.


Wrestling Fear

Perfect love casts out all fear.

1 John 4 : 18

As far as I’ve come, You and I both knew that at some point I was bound to stumble.

Yet aren’t You the one whom placed the root of this tree here upon where I slipped?  And are you not also the one who placed this limb behind me—that as I fell backwards—allowed my clasping hands to save me from tumbling?

And yes, I do understand that I’m the one at fault for allowing external distractions to consume my curiosity, instead of staying the course.  And it is of great regret that I let the presence of You escape me so this ego of mine could “mind its head.”

And yes when the demons came knocking at the door—I was the one who let them in, because every once in awhile loneliness does creep within the shadows of my sanctity.  Such is human nature, I should suppose with sentimental value.

So in my ignorance could You please pardon my negligent behavior?  And I know you had a Hand in helping me give those demons the boot as Your presence restructured the distracted recreations of my mind and once again I’m glad to feel You take root.  So allow me to thank You for being You.

When the grind gets the best of my mind, my whole being comes to be exhausted.  Then comes the adrenaline churning similar to an undertow of fear.  Meanwhile the demons strong-arm my weakened soul out of the way, searching high and low for somewhere to go.

But if I believe, and seek the Spirit, again I see You move Your mysterious ways.  And together as we ascend this mountain of my mind—things shall become clearer as the fog of this wilderness lifts on through.

So now as my soul and You have taken back the reigns and have carried me home safe and sound, my feet they fall from shaky ground, and upon your garden bed I read and this is what I found.

“And not holding fast to the Head, from whom the whole body, nourished and knit together through its joints and ligaments, grows with a growth that is from God.”

Colossians 2 : 19

My whole being breathes in a wind that wraps around my head, moving through my limbs and I fall silent within my heart.  My hand is on a door, which leads beyond.  The door swings open to an ocean of darkness layered with the light of prayer.

Is this how I come to be—this way—my simple instance of death.  I expect at any moment this starlit sky above so clear shall deliver a bolt of lightning upon my being. And are You to open a door upon this boundless wilderness and set these feet upon a ladder, reaching for the moon, and take me out upon Your stars?

Far above me I see the calming sky open up to a warming distance—the sun it seeks to kiss the horizon—waking me from my stumbled slumber.

I feel the aggravation of anxiety escape my being, bound for its own isolation.  It is the man that fears to be alone, who will never be a thing but lonely.  But the man who learns—through recollection and seclusion—to be truly at peace knows no loneliness.

I do prefer the hidden reality of You upon this four-cornered room of my mind these days.  It is true that this relationship between You and I thrives in these silent conversations held within this Calvary of mine.   It is in its stillness where the questions I have long sought, are being answered through the Spirit passing through.  And now I know there is no such thing as fear when listening deeply for wisdom within You.

So allow me to cast out is this fear.  Fear, it squeezes the life out of Your love, narrowing the hallways that lead to my own heart.  It takes from the power I should give myself through You and it withers away at my capacity to truly Love through You.  So I beg for Your mercy, and to please, so soon shall you shake me of this fear.

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.  Each day has enough trouble of it’s own.

Matthew 6 : 34

You are the Tree and I am but a seed fallen from You, and yes I am happy to be growing in Your light.  But You and I both know tomorrow marks two years to the day that You pointed this pen between my fingers in the direction of You—but let us not speak so fearless yet.

I do know it is within the ambiguities of “doing good” that I must have You and myself wholeheartedly convinced of my own uprightness and goodness.  So please let’s You and I continue this work on winning the war within myself before all else.

And just as the sun rose beautiful on the Second day ever, the sun with it’s stunning light peaks through.  I take my eyes off the past and bend my hopes and dreams towards today.  A smile You created dawns on me, and as a wolf howls distant—once again I have found peace in Your presence. And let it be noted that I can’t thank You enough for all that You do.