First things first, turn off your television.

Help yourself fall asleep earlier. Start with 10PM, then 9PM, then 8PM. Wake up in the morning feeling revitalized and alive.

Force yourself to get up before the rest of the world. Start with 6AM, then 5AM, then even earlier. Walk outside, bundled up as the weather sees fit, gaze at the stars, watch the sun rise.

Get into the habit of cooking yourself a beautiful & simple breakfast. Lightly sauté some fresh vegetables in real butter with some lively herbs, a little salt and fresh ground pepper. Fry yourself a couple of eggs, slice up a fresh avocado and squirt way too much lemon on it. Think vibrancy. Sit and eat breakfast in silence, do absolutely nothing else.

Stretch. Start by reaching your arms to the sky as high as you can, then try to touch your toes. Roll your eyes;) Stretch your fingers. All your limbs.

Buy a hydraflask. One of those obnoxiously big ones. Start by making yourself drink the whole thing before lunch, then try filling it, and drinking it, twice, before lunch.

Go pee;)

Buy an expensive leather bound journal and a beautiful black fountain fine point pen.

Write down everything you do, what triggered you in a negative way the day before, what you can do to absorb those triggers and see things in a positive way. Include what you ate throughout the day, what made you smile, how much coffee you drank, what the weather was like, what to do with the day ahead. The week. The month.

Because when it comes to however you do you, no detail is ever too small.

Strip your bed of your sheets and toss them in the washing machine. Wash them. Hang them in the sunshine with clothespins and care. Let your children run through them, as we did as children. Bask in the joy of their laughter. Make your bed, freshly laundered, and in full.

Go pee again. That’s a lot of water. Wash your hands.

Maybe make yourself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for a late morning snack. Spread way too much of both delicacies all over it. Let it ooze out from all sides.

Spread it like…

Next, go play in your creative garden.

Dig your fingers into the earth, plant a few seeds. See to their growth, and watch in awe as your own positive mindset grows with them every passing day.

Wash your hands, again.

Cleanse your mind.

Organize your room, or your office. Just get organized. Fold all of your clothes, clean your mirror, your laptop.

Light a candle.

Take a breather. Breathe. Practice breathing deep as much as possible. Breathe more deep breaths, and practice breathing some more.

Inhale all the good, exhale all the bullshit. Ground yourself.

Breathing, is after all, critical to our well being.

Force yourself to go for a run. Or exercise however you see fit. Put on your headphones. Break a sweat, either way.

Go for a light hike, if that’s your thing?

Smile at strangers walking the other way and keep smiling when they smile back, maybe make a little eye contact, even a little small talk.

Practice working on your body language, as it speaks louder than most any conversation.

Pray for something that doesn’t include your well being, or your wants and needs. All the while still practicing your deep breathing.

Take a steaming hot shower with your favorite music blaring. Wash your hair, scrub your body, brush your teeth.

Cleanse yourself.

Message a childhood friend with an old personal joke. Laugh. Reminisce. Suggest to catch up soon, even if you don’t feel like following through. Make yourself follow through.

Think long and hard about what creative interests you have long forgotten about…

Painting? Learning a musical instrument? Cooking? Photography? Cross-stitching? Woodworking? Writing;)

Find a book about it and read it thoroughly. Study it. There is literally a book to figure out how to do everything nowadays.

There’s even a book that teaches you how to love your neighbor.

Let cars merge into your lane when driving.

Pick up someone else’s coffee shop tab.

Pay it forward.

However small it may be, because you’d be surprised at what sort of positive energy said style of kindness throws into the universe.

Make funny faces at babies. Help a senior citizen out. Compliment people on their qualities, leave them be to their own faults.

Look them in the eye.

Ask them about their story.

Listen to them.

Challenge yourself to not ridicule, or judge anyone for a whole day. Then two. Followed by a week. Then a month. Maybe a year.

Become the person you would ideally fall in love with.

Exude the type of positive energy that wherever you go, you add value to the space and lives that surround you.

This is how love spreads like wildfire.

So spread it far, and spread it wide.

Now stand up. Go outside. Walk with amazing posture. Take a seat on the cool grass with your legs crossed.

Close your eyes. Feel the sun shining on your soul.

Visualize your life as if failure and pain were never an option.

Visualize it again and again;)

Have faith in your dreams.

And know.

You are enough, every sunrise, every morning, and every damn day.

Smile. And laugh out loud.

Because after all, you are alive.

Now, open your eyes.

It’s time to wake up.


P.s. Remember to smile;)