Start over.

Begin again.

All at once, or piece by piece.

Start with the little things.


Read something…

You are not someone who is supposed to give up so damn easily when lost in the wilderness of life.

You’re not even the person that you were yesterday, or the person that your surroundings often demand that you to be.

This world is continually shifting, spinning, out of your control.

And you are continually spinning and shifting with it, moving in whatever direction you choose.

If you don’t like that direction, then turn.

But don’t turn back.

Don’t turn around.

Just turn.

Left. Right. Diagonal. Spiral.

It matters not which way, just don’t give up.

Take the shortcut. Take the scenic route.

Create your own path.

Just keep going.

It’s never too late to turn things around for the better.

To leave behind what’s broken and be aware that you will never be able to put it back together like it was, but instead, better than anything you’ve ever imagined.

There is no way back towards the pain of yesterday except for in your brain, but you can walk towards tomorrow in stride with a hopeful heart for a better day.

But you must smile and be thankful for the things that cannot be replaced, that cannot be fixed, that tried to break you, that were not perfect.

Because without them, you wouldn’t be where, or even who, you truly are.

Nothing is perfect.

You are not perfect.

I am not perfect.

Yet, we are all perfectly and gracefully flawed.

It’s why we are all so damn beautiful in our own little ways.

Life is imperfect.

It’s gorgeously complicated and burdensome and messy as hell.

It will knock you down.

But you have to get back up.

You are responsible for getting back up.

To play your part in it, the part that grows, changes, laughs, nurtures and loves.

To allow yourself to be broken, just to put yourself back together, stronger than ever before.

So, let go of the pain holding you back.

Of the semi-conscious urge to inflict pain on others.

Of the fear of being hurt.

Of the anxiety over what people might think of you.

Of the past that is behind you.

Of the worry that you always feel over a future that you cannot control.

Let go of all your expectations.

Just let fucking go.

Because when nothing is certain, anything is attainable.

Gather your thoughts with a positive mindset, and wrap it around your heart and soul.

Create yourself into the truest version of you that you were meant to be.

Practice patience as you begin again, becoming new, becoming the best you.









And rebuild.

And know.

If you feel lost, you my friend, are not alone.

Because lost, is a lovely place to be.

So rise.


And become.