This land we call our own, this place America, this amazing nation of 330 million people is—I must admit—a pretty damn exciting place to live.

100 million are self-proclaimed geniuses, 100 million are in it for themselves, 50 million are absolute lunatics, 40 million are completely lost, the other 40 million are our children, waiting patiently for us to lead by example. And yet, every last one of “US” is playing a part—an imperative role—in the silliness of show business.

How can that not be fabulous?

What I mean is this.

How and the hell could you not fall in love with a country like “US?”

In the culinary profession I have chosen to choose, I could literally live wherever I wanted to in this fallen world and do what it is I do, so, it’s more than obvious that I call America home by choice—not for any pretentious patriotic or feckless financial reasons necessarily, but simply because, this place provides the lonesome and weary traveler with endless entertainment.

This land of ours—minus the violence we resorted to, to afford it as our own—is more or less the most aggressively peaceful, yet hifalutin, on this planet. And this is true, mind you, despite the fact that the anal-retentive on the religious right and the academic elitist on the liberal left—aka, the two headed monster of Yankee puritanism—seem to be in a never-ending competition to see who can do the most to capitalize on the instantaneous homogenization of the American Dream, and/or, to be the first to institutionalize mediocrity.

But in the end, it won’t work here, period. Here in this great nation, the habitually wild, the coherently haywire, the overtly opportunistic, the strongly individualistic, the surprisingly light-hearted, the flamboyant hoopla of cause célèbre is—as a matter of fact—simply bigger than any political party and its affiliates.


How does one harvest the fruit, if one never plants the seed.

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The preceding—not the catchy quote, but above all that—was precisely written four years ago today. The day I started writing again. It was not a moment after the dust had settled from when the celebrity/social media industrial far right complex, first seized, then took total control over the “US” government.

It was a coup that would have failed miserably without the well-known active assistance of foreign governments, one in which, I have been taught my entire life to be our greatest enemy, and that of a rapidly growing population of fearful, believe-anything-they-read, dupes; the “true believers” dumbed down—almost widdled to a “t”—comically manipulated by their media of choice, their church, and their state (of mind), all because of the rabid ways they blindly worship all things celebrity and toxic Christianity. So be it. Let them be.

Freedom of choice, anyways, has long proven to be too heady an elixir for society’s masses, exhausted and confused as they are by conflicting commitments to so-called malicious morality and salicious greed.

And here we are, left in the wake of such blind celebrity takeover, our prevailing national madness meter has been steadily skyrocketing over the past decade: the pious semi-literates in the conservative camp tremble and crow with ego, the well-educated martyrs in the progressive sector writhe and fume in silence.

To be quite frank, from a cosmic perspective, America seems like a blockbuster movie bound to break all sorts of universal box-office records. Though, if I were a gambling man, which I am, I’d be willing to bet the house, that the overall enjoyment of the climatic spectacle, will be dimmed and blunted by the wrecking ball of havoc being wreaked on our very own nature—the internal and that which surrounds us—and by the seemingly malevolent developmental abuse being inflicted upon our children’s illuminated mindset and their spiritual future.

On a side note. It is imperative that the reader understand—regardless of whether or not you’re reading this—to agree to the fact in writing;) that we are the new ancestors, and we must act accordingly.

We must also bear in mind, however necessary, that the central dynamic—or, at the junction of humanity’s cross—the conflict of the human race has never been about a battle between good and evil but rather between that of enlightenment and ignorance.

Ignorance paints the headlines, wins the Lombardi trophy, decides and dishes out the punishment, jingles the coin, opposes unity (both within and without) and yet in its clandestine hope chest—and on occasion, the grandest of publicized stages—enlightenment continues to quietly sparkle in the darkness, its eternal radiance outlasting, outshining, the perpetually spinning disco ball of our white-washed beliefs and history.

Indeed, enlightenment’s day on the main stage, may or may not ever come, as we ignored our first opportunity to pay attention to its hard earned lesson precisely 2020 years ago, and still, we did nothing about it.

But pay no mind to that, listen to your heart. Make America love again, period.

The world is as it is!

Our lives are as they are!

Enlightenment, has been, and will always be, its very own individual reward.

So grab your popcorn, kick back, relax and settle on in.

The movie’s about to begin…

Yours Truly,


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