This morning as I was jogging up a rocky hill through the desert to escape the obscurities of my mind’s absurdity.  I felt something rousing inside me as my pulse pounded with relentless perseverance.  The sun sat at its most potent point in the sky.  My back, my chest, and my shoulders breathed burning, scorched from yesterday and now today’s sun.  The tingling from my skin soaked into the deepest depths of me.  It set my stirring soul ablaze, blistered with bliss.  It was an energy from the purest resource of self.  It was when I started to fully believe in myself that I knew. I knew that I could do whatever I put my mind to in this life.  Even with something unknown pulling the strings to motivate me.  I put my focus upon my own perceived finish line.  I feel something opening up inside of me, prying at the gateway of my mind.

I take a breather and while gulping water down by the gallon, the sweat from my pores started to cool the sensation of the stinging soreness. I resign from trying so hard to wrap my head around the secular mind-altering thoughts that arise on these day’s that I was left alone.  Something fell upon me as my heartbeat found a bit of resolve with consistent rhythm.  The pain from my sunburn subsided.  It felt like I had been rewired with a celestial version of my true self.  I felt a sense of peace, an internal balance and most of all, I had that rare feeling of love for myself.   Once these feelings start to take over, it is easier to become more in tune with the better version of yourself.   It becomes easier to take on the empowering posture of making those enhanced decisions that make such a difference in life, all the while following through with the actions that support what matters most.

My heart as it beat so pure, twisted my thoughts into a space of positivity where they have always belonged.  The negativity that surrounded me just moments ago vanished like the fart I had just let go with the wind.  The heart when it beats pure with the purpose of life, it echoes through the space of all that is wild.  The wilderness sitting upon the backdrop of this desert, the stars above, a river’s offshoot that trickles into a conscious stream—all of these things we can become one with—because they are a part of us.  All of nature’s affluences, they were built by God.  The Creator of this beautiful and bountiful scenery that triggers our creative senses, He built from the resource of his own image.  And in his image everything carries a “oneness” with it.

But the mind, it has been under construction since the fruit was plucked from the tree of knowledge, this fruit it is sweet and sacred but it also sour with sin. Today we will not focus of what is good or what is evil.  Instead let us focus on this synchronizing Energy.

We are all extensions of a mystical and resourceful Energy.  The opinion of whether that Energy is defined as Source, as the New Age believers do, or that it is the energy of God, seems to be a heated debate nowadays.  I’m not going to dive to deep into that debate because this Energy, it flows from the source of God.  I believe this because we are all fractal images of this Source and therefore we are all part of God’s identity.

This energy it translates itself in the human mind as new thoughts, gut feelings, and an unsurpassable intuition.  These intuitive feelings exert their influence upon optimistic acts for humanity, such as love, unity, and oneness.  The awareness of the newness of these instincts occurs when the mind is open and receptive to receive.  When the mind is present and in the now—it finds itself at peace—instead of being preoccupied by the negativity of ego-related opinions of past or future circumstances.  The mind it thrives with the joy of the expansion of this mystical energy. It evolves with the experience of life.  It is in the natural state of our being, balanced at the center of our cross, where we are happiest in a place called joy.

But if we find ourselves somewhere other than this place called joy, it will send our minds back to the dominion of all that is negative.  And it is when you turn your focus to this negativity that it begins to surround you.  You create more negative thoughts that spew negative emotions.  This will only take you away from the intended state of joy while slowing down the process of a balanced happiness.  So one must be wise to try and remain in a centralized posture of all that is joyful, no matter the external conflicts that try their hand at unbalancing your alignment.

When you allow this energy to flow through you with the conductive element called positivity, you become a light painted so beautiful and bright.  The power of this energy alone allows our timing to be impeccable while the body bounces through all the external bullshit with the essence of its vitality becoming immeasurable.  And when walking with this harmony of energy those that see you, they won’t be able to help but wonder what sort of magic it is that you carry so well.  It only seems like this to the wandering eye because it is experienced by so few.  But in reality it isn’t magic at all.  It is available cost-free to every last being.  This energy it encompasses us all, because at its source it is love, it is God, it is the Creator of you, directing his energy upon your soul.  All you must do is properly align yourself, for it is nothing more than misalignment that often leaves the soul broken in half fallen hell bent.

What is the soul but a stick—a fragile twig—when broken in half the separate entities drift apart with an easiness not easily recognized by the misaligned eye.  Yet when the fragmented stick of our soul merges side by side into one sentient being. That is when me must make sure our twig is tied with the ribbon of love, so that the two separate entities become fortified with the beauty of one.  This is the core value to be learned, if but the only thing taken away from this post.

For the soul to become intertwined with what it truly is, the attraction of opposites must be fused as one.  The soul will then sort the mind aware that each part of you is vital to the essence of your being when you learn how to truly love yourself.  As this comes to fruition in the eyes of others, they will see that they must tie their sticks together with their own ribbons of self-love.  They will be drawn to those whose knots are tied strong with the awareness of the wildness within their own duality.  Then these different twigs that have tied themselves together will form bundles of different beings full of hope and joy. Shining with a strengthening light that is able to deflect any discerning drops of darkness.

I start to jog again—the sun—it shines excruciating again.  I pick up my pace when I feel something ghostlike grabbing at my ankles.   I pick my knees up faster, almost hitting my chest.  I stop when I notice a mound. It is a gravesite built with the sole purpose of burying the past.  Above it, was placed a cross with a drooping regalia that only read “Whirling Log”, which in the tongue of the Native means, “that which revolves.”  I had made it to the first finish line.

Until the next time.


My roots are buried in the Dirty South. I grew up learning the importance of God and Southern Charm. I began writing in my late teens mostly through heartbreak and music. I moved out west 15 years ago and live right around the corner from the Fountain Of Youth. Most people refer to it as Lake Tahoe. I play Chef during the day and search for ways to save the world by night, through reading, writing, and believing. I enjoy the side of life that is less abrasive. I look forward to joining you on my quest through Spiritual Sobriety with the Promised Land as our ultimate destination.

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