His Room

Twas but the time

Not a moment to soon

That I was to allow God

into my creative room.


Came was a feeling

only once before felt

it washed me over

blest by a composure held

and stirred through my spirit

was a hint of his divine wit.


My bones they tingled

from my head to my toe.

My soul it mingled

much to heaven’s accord.


For now it was his show

and what he had in store

was left to glow

in the essence of forevermore.


While his words

they moved through me

I felt my heart did beat

to the bottom of my feet.


For these fingers

they moved to meet

his presence with certainty.

And it was all I could hear

from a voice so clear

that it shall always linger

sweet within me.


The love these words spoke

will forever echo

through an eternal soul

leaving those who are broke

left as whole.


And as the shadows of me

danced so free

in the halls of your heart

I can see his harmony.

BeLove © 2018


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