Waking Up

As of now

it’s getting late.

With the night

darkness does create

ebbed by all

that tries to degenerate.


To sleep but a wink

is just a bit of imagery

while my eyes they blink

with subtle hints of symmetry.


My mind it dreams

as it always has

widened awake

til left whereas

by my heart’s last ache.


In the pitch black beauty

I know that I am blessed

but to see the sun

I must give it my best.

Then it came and I was left

stunned by her symphony.

Yet I see it still

stuck to the simplicity

of each lance of light

shifted by songs of sympathy

sung by a morning bright.


The church bells they ring

singing me to sleep

and through my window

the light it still seeps

with an inspiration

spilled from deep within

it was time to begin again.


So for those who wish to sing

they will always find a song

it will be sung right here

with life’s little sing-a-long.



BeLove © 2018









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