The Kid That Rhymed

All that these grown ups
care to speak
is what they consider
at length
compared with their work week.
But these adults
all they want
is results
so they worry
–worry all about me
if only
they could see
that when I fall
it hurts them
most of all
more than it hurts me.
Because as far as heaven
I can see
saw it pass the stars
before I saw me
I saw that I was
meant to be
the blessing that he needs,
without a book
or a fish and his hook
but by hook or by crook
it was his heart
that I overtook
somewhere over there
with the birds and a bunch of bees
thats where you can see
the rainbow he painted with me.
For I am his art
and I was born of a dart
he threw from his heart.
So when he
screams at the sky
asking why
why can’t he see?
I say Dad,
“Just follow me.”
BeLove © 2018

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