Inspiration don’t come cheap
but this promise
I must keep.
I’ll give you all I got
and some of what I am not.
While I have looked all around
from what it is
I try and hide
never to be found.
How could something be
so goddamned hard to find?
What’s left inside
I peel away
from the outside
looking in
to see that I tried
to paint a picture
on a different mirror.
One that observes
an image clearer
in a snapshot
of my own true self
I see the reflection
of a hope upheld
before a thought
ever thought
to come into view.
A light shone parallel
propelled straight and through
some riddled refraction
bent by the distraction
in the darkness of you
painted pitch black
twisted all around
before it turned
everything else upside down.
Yet there it was
shining high above
some little sparkle
twinkled and bequeathed
by the brilliance
of all that
shall be considered
brand new
in the light
of your own you.
BeLove © 2018


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