Depth Perception

It was love
that erupted
from the mountain of life
and the ashes of me
fell into place
filling up an often
empty space.
Desire ran reluctant
from what I thought
was ever-so important.
The freedom of love
infused so far below
the foundation of my soul,
always digging deep
for some peace of mind
through the depths
of perception
with what was meant for me
and what I call mine.
Maybe with time
I shall learn
to be so kind
and no longer unwind
the truth from behind,
with what it is
that hides within
my mystery inside.
It’s this smile
I shall keep.
Pardon me
if I forgot to weep
all the while
taking that leap.
BeLove ©  2017

5 thoughts on “Depth Perception

  1. roseinfullbloom

    Wow that was truly gorgeous. I’ve never thought of words as gorgeous before, but you’ve painted such a beautiful picture with them, I had no other word to express it.

    Gorgeous. Just gorgeous.

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