Eternity’s Edge

From this edge
where which I sit
a word is being writ
where conviction turns into
a sentence split
by essence of eternity.
Betwixt and between
division and diversity
The reality of a dream
only to be lost
in a wilderness
desolated and dense.
Nature and her narrative
nurture the sense
of a stillness within.
A weight shall be lifted
so gracious and gifted.
Let them bleed in their
shackles of greed
handcuffed by the need
of the sheep they overfeed
Something inside
has struck a chord
sung loud and swung free.
Once upon another time
in a less tolerant prime
the same sorta thing
all came crashing down
and damn near buried me.
Instead now I can see
what it is that should be
when it never was
part of the cause that affected me.
The climb it will never end
for it was always meant
to begin again and again.
At arm’s reach
and a day’s length
from the pinnacle
where purpose shows poise
no longer suffocated by the noise
blindsiding and cynical.
 It’s time to follow through
and turn my attention to
this thing called love, the world,
and holding true
to a promise I once made
BeLove © 2017


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