Here we are fifty golden years removed from 1967, or more aptly put, The Summer Of Love. The Summer Of Love was a polite revolution in which well over a hundred thousand, young men and women stood up for what they believed in, Love. It was a time when music and compassion was most honest. The following is a quote from a “hippie” newspaper called the San Francisco Oracle, it was more or less the conducive element that triggered a revolution of love, fifty years ago. This quote really managed to strike a chord within me.

“A new concept of celebrations beneath the human underground must emerge, become conscious, and be shared, so a revolution can be formed with a renaissance of compassion, awareness, and love, and the revelation of unity for all mankind.”

This late 60’s in America was almost as unstable as we are at the time of this article’s publishing. It is disturbing that the rhetoric of hate is coming from all sides of a supposed “United” front. Compassion is something that has always been circular in motion and it’s up to us, “We The People”, to understand this with thorough clarification.


Before we go further, I am going to rekindle some circumstantial evidence of my past in order for you the reader to fully comprehend what my agenda is with this post.

Why is it that racism is running so rampant again in modern day “United States” of America? I have a strong opinion as to why and while some may not like it, I apologize for the honesty. If you do not like it maybe you should continue reading then maybe a compassionate light will flip on inside your tortured soul.

I grew up in the two most racial ridden states in this blessed country. I have seen the division of people based on color and wealth first hand. Back in the day, I was someone whom ignored it because I considered it part of the Southern Tradition. Over the years since I have moved away from the stagnant views of conservative “tradition”, I have now began to grasp how poisonous, inaction actually is.

I was born in Mississippi and I grew up in Alabama. I was only 16 years old when I first saw the Klan marching through a little town known as Wedowee, AL. This incident also marked the first public appearance of Richard Barrett’s Nationalist Movement. Traffic was stopped to allow these bigots to march through town, with the intention of standing up for hatred. That was when I first thought that hatred and ignorance was something that contradicted the idea of standing up for what you believe in.

I am not sure when certain white people began thinking they were the superior race but I know that by putting a sheet over your body and masking your identity doesn’t mean you stand up for what you believe in. It means you are terrified of unity because then your supposed superior stance in life is being threatened by the very definition of liberty.

The small town of Wedowee made national headlines that summer of 1994 because a white woman wanted to go to prom with a black man. The white principal at the time canceled prom because the so-called superior race felt threatened by the choice that the individuality of liberty carried with it.

The prom was canceled after the principal called a female student who happened to be of mixed ethnicity, a “mistake”.   After this insensitive comment, tensions between white and black students started running high. A white leader who made an ignorant comment about one of his students provoked all this. In the middle of the night that following summer on August 6th, 1994, a black man, apparently burned Randolph County High School down. I was always skeptical that he actually did it, because we know what cult has a history of burning things to the ground.

The Klan started coming out in full force around the South leading up to and after this event. They had been somewhat quiet for years prior to the early Nineties. That was until the agenda of Nationalism found it’s first bullet point on how to divide the American people. I feel this moment was when the once dormant seed of racism was planted again. If only for the sole purpose to allow hatred the ability to spread like wildfire in the minds of those who fear salvation.

Alabama, like all other states in the South, was still reeling from the hatred that ran rampant in the Sixties. In the years between the Sixties and this particular incident, racial tension was still situated on the surface of small towns. It was the compassion of the people that allowed a loose moral fabric to be wrapped around the social mentality of unity. It just so happens that 1994 is when Jeff Sessions was elected to be the Attorney General of Alabama. Is it a coincidence that the Nationalist movement first made it’s splash in the state of Alabama in the midst of a bigot’s campaign? I do not know, but I have a feeling…it’s called the Alabamification of the Untied States.

Let’s discuss with a brief but significant note on the strategy that all militaries and governments practice around the world when facing an adverse opponent. It is the divide and conquer strategy. The strategy means to gain and maintain power by dividing the larger concentration of power, i.e. “We The People”. By dividing us, the strength of the mass is broken into pieces, which in turn makes us weaker and those implementing the strategy become stronger. First they divide us then they distract us, with the ultimate goal of filling the pockets of a greed stricken agenda. Distraction is a powerful process that can have a rippling effect well into the future of civilizations.

Since we have put a bit of hatred’s history into perspective, it’s time to take things to the sunny side of life. It’s time to discuss the circular strength of love and the foundation that it has built in each and every one of us. This viewpoint of mine is thought to be well balanced with romantic reasoning and underlying touches of classical reasoning.


The Summer of Love was an unorthodox movement that swept the feeling of love over this bipolar country of ours. It was a movement that nurtured love and unity in a Utopian sense. It was bliss for some and hell for others. It was a social phenomenon that grew to epic proportions with only the word of mouth as its catalyst. Could you imagine the turnout it will have with the instant news feed found in your hand, this day and age?

This movement was lit by the ideology that love was supreme – it was the only thing worth living for. The outlying landscape of America was in political turmoil; fighting a war we had no business being in. Capitalism’s overpriced values had begun planting its roots into the American Heartland. This led to many young and eager minds to become suspicious of the heartless bastards leading our country. With promptness and greed the agenda of the establishment pronounced this movement as a bunch of irresponsible youth that are drug-addled and misinformed. The establishment was mystified and terrified by this igniting counterculture that tussled with their agenda in the form of disentangled love.

The national media, which had a robust hand in building the hype for this phenomenon, were also the first to denounce the mysticism hidden in it. Around the first week of October that year, the Summer Of Love came to an abrupt end and the progressive revolution was over.   On October 6th, the “Hippie” was pronounced dead by a conservative San Francisco newspaper.

While the crusade of love and happiness may have seemed to be over, its message was residual and continued to thrive in those who believed in the power of liberating circumstances. It still does to this day. The “hippie” may have witnessed his own funeral but his message became swollen beneath the underground of purpose. It is a message that still impregnates the hearts of caring individuals.

Now here we are a mere fifty years from the death of a formidable movement that laid the foundation for the goodness of humanity.   And we are still asking the question of what Love is. Where does it originate? Where does it go? What is the logical explanation of Love and why does hate seem to have the upper hand these days?

The time has come to reawaken the phenomenon of Love and take the power back politely. We all have our own opinion of what Love is and with every individual those opinions vary. I would like to discuss with brevity the foundations built on the philosophy of Love.

The idea of Love was first mentioned in Plato’s Symposium as a phenomenon that is capable of inspiring courage, valor, good deeds and work, and also vanquishing the natural fear of death. Some scholars tend to deem this logic of love as hubris or farce. If that is the case, then I see it as a philosophical cover up to protect the agenda of the establishment. If love takes precedent over hate, then hatred withers into nonexistence. Let’s assume that Plato was being truthful when touching on Love. From here we put Love into the philosophy of phenomenology, which attempts to unite all of our inner experiences, therefore studying the structures of consciousness. I would have to agree that Love is a phenomenon that can change the course of history for any individual. Love also conveys the ability to change the course of history for a significant entity that is made up of a mass we call humanity.

There is an old philosophy that states that humans are not meant to be thinking things. They are meant for one thing only and that is to Love. The author would like to point towards the tattered cliché, which states that ignorance is bliss, makes a lot more sense now. This cliché mutates the dualism of thought and knowledge with precise reasoning. Thought and feeling are two different entities; the head and the heart are settled so close together but the distance between argument and collaboration can take a lifetime to travel.

Intuition and intellect, once harmonious with each other, allows creativity the chance to flourish and make its mark upon society. It’s hard to grasp, but when balancing the classical and romantic process of thought, we become blessed with the ability to create art that changes minds.


We must understand that feelings are molded by intercourse and can be corrupted by intercourse. Thus good or evil improves or corrupts by the intercourse of thought and feeling. It is of the utmost importance to understand that we subconsciously choose what it is that improves us and what it is that corrupts us. This would explain the vicious cycle of good versus evil and it’s creation, which spawned from the chaos of classical thought. Some of us can only hope to be fortunate enough to escape this cyclical activity.

So how do we defeat the hatred that has managed to sustain itself throughout the history of our country? We could start by understanding that philosophy is a matter of our inward relationship with our own existence. We could also challenge the logical erosion of what love really is. Love is bliss, love is nothing, love is a feeling that one feels and over time it begins to erode, because of individual reason. Love is a bridge that takes one from poor knowledge to richer knowledge.

Love is a phenomenon that is built on the feeling of imagination. Imagination decides everything. We must see beauty, justice, and happiness where it does not exist so reason can be overridden. Yet one must train the imagination for the sake of gaining the knowledge of goodness.

It is my hope that while you are reading this, the loving energy that is inside you, spills from your heart and drowns any negativity that you may be feeling.  Let us leave hatred reeling with an overwhelming sense of love that allows the energy within your thoughts to convey itself upon the environment in which you are surrounded. When you put something out there for the universe to conspire over, it will manifest into reality. It is exactly like the purpose of prayer flags. When the wind caresses these flags, it is believed that peace, love and harmony are now carried with the wind and left to spread goodness wherever that wind blows. The positive energy released from millions of people thinking, feeling, and praying with the power of love, with the precision of time, will have a permanent effect in this universe we call home.

Until the next time.  Thank you for stopping by.

-Be Love

Al Green / “L-O-V-E”

My roots are buried in the Dirty South. I grew up learning the importance of God and Southern Charm. I began writing in my late teens mostly through heartbreak and music. I moved out west 15 years ago and live right around the corner from the Fountain Of Youth. Most people refer to it as Lake Tahoe. I play Chef during the day and search for ways to save the world by night, through reading, writing, and believing. I enjoy the side of life that is less abrasive. I look forward to joining you on my quest through Spiritual Sobriety with the Promised Land as our ultimate destination.

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