There was once a boy
He was a sight to see
He came and planted a tree
Right under me
We laid in its shade
While the sun she played
Then she had to go
And wouldn’t you know
A wind blew so
Yet you wouldn’t know
That there
Tree fell right on top of me
Without a word we had to grow
As a symbolic truss
Was wrapped around us
Back came the boy
Who spoke like a man
He held a girl by the hand
We helped that tree
Break loose and grow free
They shared my shade
And believed on me
Their dream I did see
Perfection was planned
Beneath a shaded sway
Love was put on display
As that tree took a stand
Straight to the light
Grown with all its might
Then the love of two
Took to a ceremony
That was written true
As they danced and played
In my shelter of a shade
They began a journey
With a love
Low and behold
It can never really be told
But our soul it grew slow
With love we did glow
Deep within the roots
Ripened by the grace
Of our laborious fruits
That sing with heaven’s flute
Back came the girl
She was lost in a world
Without the hand of her man
Instead she pulled a box
She was sad and a little mad
As she put that box below me
Her hair was grey and feathery
While she prayed
She looked afraid
The boy he stayed
Below me he laid
We did not play that day
Instead we conspired
With the heart of a tree
That grew higher and lit a fire
Then came a bird
Feathered in gray
She landed on me
Singing a song
Written in harmony
The tree grew colored in memory
Blue and blossoming
Kinda like me
Now here I sit
In the chorus of bleeding company
Between a bird and a tree
Alive and dreaming
About the things that are truly free
While the beauty of life
Grows within me
BeLove © 2017



My roots are buried in the Dirty South. I grew up learning the importance of God and Southern Charm. I began writing in my late teens mostly through heartbreak and music. I moved out west 15 years ago and live right around the corner from the Fountain Of Youth. Most people refer to it as Lake Tahoe. I play Chef during the day and search for ways to save the world by night, through reading, writing, and believing. I enjoy the side of life that is less abrasive. I look forward to joining you on my quest through Spiritual Sobriety with the Promised Land as our ultimate destination.

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