The Last Time

I look to the sky
     And ask why
          Why can’t I touch the sky?
     But a book told me I can
If I close my eyes
     And aim a little high.
Again I look to the sky
     And dreamt about sleep.
          Will I ever sleep again?
     If I count a thousand sheep
These dreams I should keep.
     While the rest of them sleep
          I can’t help but think
     About the depths to which I sink.
Wouldn’t it be fun
       To kiss the sun.
          Just once?
     Asked the dunce.
Try a little harder
     When the sun comes back around
         Said the clown.
     If you turn that frown
Upside down.
     You will find what it is you seek
If you follow
     In the footsteps of tomorrow.
You will find what you found
     The last time around.
BeLove © 2017



My roots are buried in the Dirty South. I grew up learning the importance of God and Southern Charm. I began writing in my late teens mostly through heartbreak and music. I moved out west 15 years ago and live right around the corner from the Fountain Of Youth. Most people refer to it as Lake Tahoe. I play Chef during the day and search for ways to save the world by night, through reading, writing, and believing. I enjoy the side of life that is less abrasive. I look forward to joining you on my quest through Spiritual Sobriety with the Promised Land as our ultimate destination.

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