There are three words

That need not any glue

They do not make me feel blue

And neither should you.


These three words

Make the world go round

Some are left spellbound

At how they lift us up off the ground.


The three words

That I would like to speak of

Sing with a morning dove

And fit the heart like a glove.


Think of three words

That do not rhyme

Unless we are talking about time

And how it makes us shine.


Feel these three words

That make you feel whole

While I tickle your soul

With the sound of rock n roll.


Those three words

We should’ve said more

Instead of running for the door

I came back for an encore.


Say the three words

That always ring true

Let them simmer while you stew

Allow them to breathe within you.


So here are the three words

I’ll put them on a marquee

As I count to three

Repeat after me….





BeLove © 2017

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My roots are buried in the Dirty South. I grew up learning the importance of God and Southern Charm. I began writing in my late teens mostly through heartbreak and music. I moved out west 15 years ago and live right around the corner from the Fountain Of Youth. Most people refer to it as Lake Tahoe. I play Chef during the day and search for ways to save the world by night, through reading, writing, and believing. I enjoy the side of life that is less abrasive. I look forward to joining you on my quest through Spiritual Sobriety with the Promised Land as our ultimate destination.

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