Thrown Stone

In the depths of the deep end
Where we search for meaning
Love is the lifeboat where
Transparency floats buoyant.
In a lake of blue so pure
Where the evening sun sets the sky on fire.
Hearts flutter from within
Reflections sing to a star
While it mingles with the clouds.
Mountains climb beneath my feet
Hello destiny, we finally meet
As I drink from your cup
It’s time that you eat from my hand
While my ego forgets to stand.
Sometimes we must let it all go
To set the soul aglow.
From here to there
And a little bit of everywhere.
It’s a whispered truth
One that speaks in tongue
With a careful couth.
We must all believe in one thing,
Love is journey
Not a destination.
So take your stone
Throw it as far as you can be thrown
Way high above that ridge
Or just below that bridge.
Where your river flows under
Deafened by its thunder
From the calm of the shore
I stand shaken to the core
I can finally see
What it feels like
Your feeling of free
BeLove © 2017

“Banks of the Deep End”



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