Smoke & Burn


The door of independence is slamming shut with a silent and sudden swing.  The hinges are hammered loose with a tool called propaganda, while the door is being locked and loaded with foreign ideologies.  Hope has been blemished by a color that is stained with hatred bleeding beneath a fractured foundation of freedom.  Check your balance before the traditions of being, are bought and sold in a market drenched in black. There is a foreign brigade hell-bent on abolishing the oldest political ideology of liberalism. The safety of a sovereign society is slipping into darkness and the hope for humanity is resting in the looming shadow known as postmodernism.

The policies and purpose of the West vs. “We The People” have become the mission statement for a corporation called Capitalist Greed, LLC.  The American Dream is under attack from the borderline statist way of illegal search and seizure via corporate deregulation.  Save the corporations, screw the people. Liberalism has become limited in its liability but its ability to lie is layered in an abundance of devious doctrines and mischievous mandates.

The masses are being manipulated by an impenetrable juggernaut called media. All the while, playing the ignorant puppeteer of plethoric emotions via socialistic and state-controlled platforms.  Control their emotions and emotion slowly goes extinct while control thrives on the weakness of a diminished mind.  Reality has always rested within the glory of a vast wilderness right outside your door and when technology takes a turn towards the escape from Mother Nature; she as well will become a figment of a frail and spoiled virtual imagination.

The wolves of faux conservatism steady their hunt towards a private sector of health with a selfish focus in the direction of eternal wealth.  The meaning of life is no longer considered divine in the minds of our “God” driven leaders, they would rather just bury it with some outstanding receipt and tell the next one to take a number.  Push the average life span down to around sixty years of age so they can reap the benefits of our well-earned socialistic security.

The mongers of war are hell-bent on breaking hearts by manufacturing wars and building banks by constructing weapons that will eventually come back to terrorize our home turf. Sheepish soldiers are being slaughtered like pawns in a game of global chess over the theological ideologies that carry no weight compared to our factitious beliefs in which our government portrays itself as practicing. In the meantime calling it hope with an ulterior motive maneuvered by the sins of greed and gluttony.  All the while the bishop is delivering a diagonal message ridden with theological torture and a higher demand of deceit. Forgive us for our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.

A fossil-fueled fanatic lays valleys of pipe over the land of the free and the home of the brave.  Relentlessly crushing our ancestors dream without any commiserated compassion. These fanatics will stop at nothing to bleed “Mother Earth” of her blood. These antics are crude and borderline inhumane. Keep on pumping that methane into the atmosphere and finish fracking that shale until the earth beneath our feet cracks.  I dare you.

Corners are cut; distractions become a must when liberalism is flaunting signs of unjust.  Constituents continue to be undermined and yet they still pretend to be blind.  The dream has found itself in a dark and hollow tunnel nurtured by a sharpened sense that the conservative right has labeled “progressive hypocrisy”, while the progressive left looked to conserve the values of the true definition of liberty, yet they chose to ignore that their party picked greed over glory.  Then came the hypocrite of the right who came from the left after he was procured just over the Bering Strait with the sole intent of destroying the foundation of liberty from within by demagoguery.  The drapes of democracy are forging with an iron curtain.  An artificial administration covertly collaborates with couriers of the Kremlin, sharing the conscious thought that a fourth political theory must be commandeered.  There are three theories that stand above all the rest and two of those have already taken a fall.  Fascism failed fanatically seventy years ago.  Communism collapsed in its hunger for a taste of capitalism.  They spent every dime they had due to Reagan’s perfectly planned race for space.  Now here we stand in vague place that seems to be taking on more Orwellian idiosyncrasies every waking moment.  Big Brother and the Thought Police are already here, watching, listening, and waiting. Western Liberalism has become the most hated and dangerous political theory over the past seventy years.  Our capitalistic methods of feeding on the poor and the weak while serving the rich and the strong have become a burden on many a man, foreign and domestic.  We have tugged at others’ freedom and cherry-picked our own foreign and imaginary borders in the blight of others. We have destroyed their self-preserved and holy sanctuaries without any glimpse of empathy.  Our geriatric theatrics put on by a cast of thieves and theological hustlers needs to come to a screeching halt.  If two of the big three have already failed, whose to say our demoralizing, destructive and democratically devious ways won’t fall as well?

There are three political ideologies that have outweighed all the rest. Liberalism, Communism, and Fascism. Liberalism, as I said before is the oldest and most profound of all political ideologies. Communism was crippled by its hunger for liberalise free enterprise. Fascism failed fanatically in its adolescence. The latter two never stood a chance against the beautiful beast we call Liberty. Fascism is a theory of absolute evil that terrifies all of humanity. This is why I find it cataclysmic that some are still very much attracted to the access of a fascist ideology, especially in the dawn of postmodernism.  This is why I have written what you are about to read.  I have to get this off my chest and move on to lighter side of life but I cannot do that until the darkness in my thoughts are set free.

Communism was spawned loosely from the idea of a Utopian society. It was built on the idea of a Commonwealth Society, i.e., socialism. It was a response to the emergence of capitalism, an ideological expression of liberalism. Fascism developed later than liberalism and communism, but vanished before them. The bigot in Hitler got the best of him and his suicidal miscalculations were instrumental in the fall of fascism. Liberalism was about the individual, being unrestricted from all systems of collective identity or confidence in its own theology. Each one of these theories conveys their own ideological struggle. Whether it is about class, racism/statism, or individualism, they each chose their own subject. Lucky for us, liberalism left them all in the dust. Shortly thereafter came the phenomenon of globalization.

Humanity under liberalism is exclusively about the individual and is inherently drawn towards a universal and organic ideology. In its nature, the only way it can grow is by becoming global and unified. This is followed by rationalized projects of globalism, which includes the rapid expansion of the technology sector. It is thought by many that the expansion of said sector is the gateway to the ascendance of nihilism and the loss of free thought altogether.

The edict of economics and a universal moral code of human rights can only rule globalization, nothing else, not any of the three ideologies we have discussed. Political decisions are replaced by decisions that are deemed more technical, otherwise known as micro-management. Micro-managing technocrats and Chief Operating Officers will replace politicians who typically make decisions based on history. Therefore supplementing the logistical efforts pertaining to global management of non-being. Masses of individuals become masses of identical objects. This is why neoliberal reality or virtuality quickly replaces reality from itself and the foundation of politics, as we know become nonexistent.

Some may argue that liberals tend to devise the truth when they speak of “An end of ideology,” when in reality they hold said ideology extremely close to their chest and deny others the right to endure. When liberalism alters from the arrangement of an ideology to the only content of extant social and technological existence, then it becomes existential fact, or simply put, the global objective order. Its supremacy can no longer be challenged, if chosen to do so would be considered reckless. Just look back at Western liberalism’s maneuvers over the past seventy years and you’ll understand what I mean. Let me use the following as examples, Vietnam, Panama, Desert Storm, etc. When liberalism is no longer the subject, but the object; reality is replaced with virtuality. In the essence of neoliberalism, postmodernism begins to thrive. It is considered that rationalism, scientism, and positivism are hidden agendas of a repressive and totalitarian idea laying underneath the grand scheme of neoliberalism.

The hint of neoliberal economics and postmodern culture has backed most foreign and conservative ideologies into a corner. In light of this, they are becoming more tenacious than ever to shake the foundation of liberal ideology to its core. With the rise of neoliberalism these foreign ideologies become nonexistent and they are left with no choice, rather than to deal with the hypocrisies of neoliberalism. Moscow has long been a formidable adversary to the theory of liberalism. Sure they have reaped the benefits  of capitalism over the past two decades but that doesn’t mean that the Kremlin hasn’t carried a hidden agenda all along. Fact is, they don’t have the economic structure or sustainability to openly oppose the beast of Western liberalism. So over the past twenty years, some of their most well-rounded scholars have been studying with profusion, what it would take to diffuse the looming threat of neoliberalism. I, as an individual, believe that after much deliberation they figured, that it couldn’t be defeated from an outward approach, only an inward avenue.

Enter the Trump campaign and all of his forced fascist beliefs. These are beliefs that exalt nationalism and more often than not, racism, above the ideological reference of individualism. At the core of fascism stands an autocratic and centralized government, which instills economic and social regimentation and firmly suppresses any opposition; there are a few examples that prove this theory already, James Comey and our beloved balance beam known as the media. So it is extremely plausible to argue that Moscow did in fact convey a substantial role in determining the outcome of one of the most significant elections our beloved country has ever seen. How else does one go about cracking the foundation of liberty? Simply and subtlety, by introducing a fascist regime that will divide a United nation in half by exposing the hatred, bigotry, and the false sense of freedom hidden in the cloak of nationalism. It’s the whole divide and conquer strategy and we are in the midst of a significant moment the annals of world history.

In postmodernism, it is thought that liberal autocratic ideas will be replaced by all things technological, logins, passwords, bar codes, etc. We all know that there are already holes being torn in the fabric of present day modernism. We have become just as vulnerable as the rest of the world and our freedom/liberty as we know it has already been hacked, both from an individual and national standpoint.

It is impossible to determine with accuracy where the right and left are located in postmodernism. It seems that there are really only two stances to take, those being the compliant (center) and those being of the dissent (periphery). It seems that these are the only two standards of a universality governed global government.

Postmodernism and neoliberalism, in the long haul will not support the traditional values we are accustomed to nowadays; religion, hierarchy, and family. Eventually there will be a dawn of a global pseudo-religion, based on the leftovers of cults, chaotic ecumenism, maybe even something virtual that we haven’t even fathomed yet.  Which to be candid, is more petrifying than atheism and avidity. The goal for those of us who still believe in the individual subject and theory of grassroots liberalism, we must act with constancy and heroism in defending the ideals of tradition.

In postmodernism most everyone will become oblivious to faith in Christianity because most will never understand it, nor be taught the value of it. But if theology does make a return to the neoliberal and postmodern society, it will look a hell of a lot similar to the realm of the Anti-Christ; this is in no way supposed to be metaphoric or slightly capable of organizing the masses – this is simply the sacrosanct fact of the Apocalypse.

When visualizing this, we see that postmodernism could very well be influenced by atheism. But also in limited ancient virtues of tradition, which could be valued as antediluvian. I am fortunate enough in my ripe old age to recognize this word as something that is old-fashioned and that it means it carries sound moral qualities. Lucky for us, there is a cyclical tendency to theology. What comes around goes around, right? Of all creation, Heaven is the most ancient promise.  We must strive to not let eternal salvation become a forgotten promise.

We cannot forget all that is ontological – which is the branch of metaphysics that deals with the nature of being. Simply put, we must pay attention to all theologies, philosophies and reflective thoughts of the critical thinkers throughout our fine history. We must always deeply study the meaning of being. At the dawn of philosophical thought, raised the question of being as the center of thinking, this created friction between being and thought. Heraclitus failed miserably at trying to connect being, and the birth of an idea together as one. This led to “calculated thinking”, which led to alienation. Slowly man lost the idea of pure being and started down the path towards nihilism. The essence of technology solely expresses the ever-increasing nihilism in society nowadays. In postmodernism this tendency will reach its pinnacle and technology will displace the reality of being and nothingness will be crowned triumphant. Unless…………..

We as a nation of individuals begin to understand that if we can come together in harmony, we are an unstoppable force. We the people are the subject of the oldest and most durable political theory. We are no longer considered a theory or subject, we are the object. We must work together to conserve the values of tradition through an objective state of being. We must preserve the value of theology, God, and most importantly family. We must also force the hand of liberalism to be the beacon of light in all things peaceful. That begins with us. We must also enforce a new ideological reference of sustainabilism or preservatism to grow from within the liberal theory via an organic nature. Doing this we allow the individual being and individual thought to blossom and cross-pollinate with each other and thrive as a wholesome body of individual sustainabilism. Therefore each individual will be able to think and act as they wish as long as it is within the moral and ethical boundaries already written in the law of liberalism.  We must also capture the spirit of natural being which is at its heart; the thought of humanity.  It is what it is. It’s love. There is already an existential fact of the world, that love will always pacify hate.

Post Script.

I’ve got a concoction that simmers in the salvation of symmetry and freewill. Take a liter of liberal and four cups of conservative, add a pinch of progression and slowly add in a quart of compassion: whisk until the love has been incorporated to the consistency of chef’s standards. Please label, date and cool promptly. Harmony is good for the next 200 years. Use this recipe in place of our famous “Molatov” cocktail. It is no longer manufactured here in the United States.

Peace, Love, and I’m done talking politics.


See You All Next Week



My roots are buried in the Dirty South. I grew up learning the importance of God and Southern Charm. I began writing in my late teens mostly through heartbreak and music. I moved out west 15 years ago and live right around the corner from the Fountain Of Youth. Most people refer to it as Lake Tahoe. I play Chef during the day and search for ways to save the world by night, through reading, writing, and believing. I enjoy the side of life that is less abrasive. I look forward to joining you on my quest through Spiritual Sobriety with the Promised Land as our ultimate destination.

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