Spiritual Hunger

“I Shall Return”

We all crave
some spiritual hunger
for a taste of life.
A little slice
or just enough
to make you think twice.
Sharpen your knife
and make them feel younger
before they call
your bluff
all the while
losing yourself
somewhere in the rough.
 When the going
got tough
enough was enough
of my heart showing.
No time for a strife
so try and be nice.
Cruelty is rife
like a slippery slope
on a sheet of ice
which we carve
into a soul
that has to starve
for a taste of light
beneath its blight.
Instead we plunder
high above the thunder
with grace we fall
 like a child should crawl
under a blanket
warmed with love.
Always remember to be brave
and have your daily bread
It always keeps your spirit fed.
BeLove © 2017


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