America, the unitedly sick.
You are worn thin
By the sensation of sin
Could I create
A cure for your cold
We’ll hurdle hate
Low and behold
Consider it free
I’ll carry that weight
Listen to me
Maybe you’ll see
It’s a story you should pick
Maybe one that would stick
Or one that has yet been told
It will make you tick, even tock
Like a clock
Take a walk
Maybe talk
Surely read
And see the colors bleed
We aren’t fully broke
But its love you have to hold
And fires we must stoke
Until we grow old
For a child
Can hear the words that He above spoke
Even through the wild
Our children make us whole
It’s no longer my dream
Only my life’s decree
Together we can bring her back
 Right quick
By Brick by brick
We just need a Crackerjack
BeLove © 2017

*Dedicated to my son, your children and all of our children.

“Forever Young”







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