With this post, I am going to take you on a tour.  A tour of why’s and why not’s.  A tour that will help me identify my brand whilst you are identifying it through my writing. A tour that hopefully answers the following questions.  Why identifying our brand is one of the most imperative aspects in building an audience?  Why it allows us the ability to authenticate our approach in the growth of our listeners? Why establishing and determining our brand early on is crucial to the development of ones’ self-awareness?  What attributes I feel to be cornerstones in objectifying our brand?  Why continuous growth of our brand is so stabilizing to the overall foundation of our passion projects?What must your brand achieve in order to sustain an audience and keep them engaged over the duration of time?  And last but not least, I will delve into the depths of what I believe my brand to be.  I will then offer you the audience a chance to share your thoughts and help develop my authentic voice and delicately define the brand of me.



To “brand” something is to develop it’s identity;  in effort to maintain the audience’s attention.  In achieving this your tribe can’t help but recognize the value in your consistency.  If I can’t exemplify a set standard to the core values of my writing, how I am supposed to believe in my own ability to hold the attention of you?  I can’t, plain and simple.  It’s when I do brandish my core values with consistency; my writing establishes itself in the attention of an audience.  It is by attaching a brand to our product that we tighten the reigns of accountability and we give the audience something to lean on moving forward.  So what are some attributes that I feel are imperative in finding an authentic brand?


To define identity we basically apply the characteristics to what it is that determines the value of something.  We must develop an identity by honestly assessing what we believe in and what we have to offer an audience – this is probably one of the hardest things for any individual to actually do.   For anyone or thing to penetrate the shell of themselves by first breaking themselves down is going to be tough; this is a virtue that many do not find important, this day and age.  Once we find our identity we are able to relay it through our voice or in a message that practices everything we believe to be fundamentally sound.  Identity is essential in the clarity of our message.  Without an identity we cannot connect via a common link; the unique value we are offering, goes unnoticed.


Communication or conversation, is a major stepping stone in developing a brand.  There must be an ongoing conversation between the brand and its listeners.  The exchange will at times, go unperceived.  We must understand and respect the propelling potency that the inconspicuous message, can and will deliver if we coerce it enough to continue to run it’s course.  It’s in the same sense of telling a story. In story-telling we take an audience on a whirlwind tour of feelings and get them to a place where they can relate.  A brand must achieve the same thing; it must take an audience through a myriad of vast emotions.  Over time it will behoove their ability to identify with the brand.  This is how we get the audience to become emotionally attached to our brand.  The conversation should always flow with seamless and consistent effectiveness to solidify it’s ongoing message.


A brand should ultimately practice empathy.  Let’s see empathy for what it is:   a golden opportunity to deliver more value to people, on their own terms.  Empathizing with our audience is just another route towards innovation.  Most of our lives are spent trying to maintain the integrity of our Ego and we forget that what we need to do sometimes is try and feel what things may look like to someone else.  In stepping outside of our brand and seeing it through the eyes of our audience, we inherently initiate bona fide innovation.  Essentially we must use empathy to power action.  One must write about things that serve people’s needs with the purpose of brightening their day and possibly their mind.  These are all things that add value to the equation in your brand.  It’s these things that make an audience love your brand because your brand is thinking about them.  I must add that empathy is not, I repeat, is not something you feel, it’s something that you do.


Balance is defined as a condition in which different elements are equal or in correct proportion with each other.  We all yearn for balance in our lives in some shape or form.  Whether it be work versus life balance or balance in our daily routine.  Maybe it could be balancing  our egos with a sense of humbleness. Whatever it is everything is supported by balance.  Balance is somewhat a multi-dimensional platform in the way we organize our priorities.  We must organize those priorities in order to achieve satisfaction with our effort.  In order to bring balance to our brand, it must be multi-dimensional.  There are several aspects of a brand that round off the abrasive edges of the it’s genuine conception.  When we apply patience to balance and let them feed off of each other our brand becomes stronger and more grounded.  I also believe that continuous and positive flow of something adds supportive structure to the overall balance of whatever it is we wish to achieve.  When we go with the flow, so to speak we are balancing our priorities with others in mind.  All things must flow to get to where they are going, in an abstract sort of way.  In my own way of trying to bring balance  and flow to my brand, I have been trying to bring transparency to my voice.  This will hopefully allow the clarity of my message to echo loudly amongst the depths of each and everyone of you…..




When it’s all said and done.  Brands are perpetual movers.  Like a clock, they never stop feeding us information.  They should never stop trying to persuade an audience.  Brands come in two types of form; those being abstract and concrete.  I believe that when we discuss human types of brands they are typically in the abstract form; love, truth, wisdom, and harmony. So what are some abstract brands that have kept an audience’s attention over time?

I would have to say that Charles Schulz and a little cartoon strip called Charlie Brown could be considered an abstract brand. It is a perfect example of what kind of lasting impression a brand should have.  This cartoon strip alone has affected millions of people strewn about generations.  What are some of the emotional effects that Charlie Brown carries with him in his little cartoon strips of wisdom?  I feel it carried an empathetic approach and it helped us all feel compassion for Charlie’s ongoing struggle with the simple lessons in life.  I believe it kept us all engaged because there really is puzzling process to navigating ourselves through this thing called life.

What are some abstract brands you identify with?  What does that brand do to keep you intrigued?  Do you feel the brand keeps you in mind with its message?

Last but not least. What is my brand?  I will touch on what I believe my brand to be.  Please know that I am still in the early stages of this thing and growth is still very much happening, I haven’t hit a rut yet and I don’t plan on it.  So please bear with me.  My brand is the belief in everything.  I believe that everything which is done in the present affects the future by consequence, and the past by redemption.  My brand is love.  It is the unconditional love for my family.  My brand is constantly creating something out of nothing.  My brand is finding confidence in my fear.  My brand is spiritual in the perpetual sense……My brand is Me.

Please feel free to leave me feedback and help me along my way.  Because I need a mentor. And right now, my only mentor other than God, is my audience and without you all I cannot grow.  So let’s get a little interactive and see if we can’t make some leeway in the direction of camaraderie.

Now I continue with the soundtrack to this blog.  I will let Mr. JJ Grey sang you to sleep with one of my favorite lullabies.

“I Believe (In Everything)








My roots are buried in the Dirty South. I grew up learning the importance of God and Southern Charm. I began writing in my late teens mostly through heartbreak and music. I moved out west 15 years ago and live right around the corner from the Fountain Of Youth. Most people refer to it as Lake Tahoe. I play Chef during the day and search for ways to save the world by night, through reading, writing, and believing. I enjoy the side of life that is less abrasive. I look forward to joining you on my quest through Spiritual Sobriety with the Promised Land as our ultimate destination.

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